Controller Companion

Control your PC desktop with a game controller!

Put mouse, media and keyboard control in the palms of your hands so you'll never have to leave the couch again!

Mouse Control

The left analog stick controls the mouse cursor.

Media Control

Y is bound to Play/Pause and the shoulder buttons are next and previous track


Whenever another program, game or Steam Big Picture is running

Virtual Keyboard

Pressing the left stick pops up this arcade style virtual keyboard

Video Demonstration

Auto-Disable feature

Customizable bindings

Available from

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does it work with Xbox One and Wired Xbox 360 Controllers?

Yes, it works with any controller that is supports XInput.

Does it work with Playstation controllers?

Controller Companion comes with an installer for Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (x360ce) which will allow you to use Playstation controllers.

I have an Xbox 360 Wireless controller and the app just shows it as "Disconnected"

In order to use an Xbox 360 Wireless controller with a PC you need to use a Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver like this one:

Why did it stop working when playing fullscreen video?

Controller Companion auto-disables for fullscreen programs, you can override it by holding back and start. See the video above under Auto-Disable

Windows 10 applications and the taskbar register input twice. Is there any fix for that?

By default Windows 10 Applications have limited controller support, so you'll see selection move around if you use the left stick and pressing A is like pressing Enter.

This is a known issue that I have raised with Microsoft and they have assured me that I'll be able to fix this in a future update of Windows 10.

If I disconnect my mouse, why can I not see a mouse cursor?

When you disconnect all pointer devices from Windows 10, it goes into tablet mode. There is currently now known way to keep the mouse cursor showing.

If I buy the app on will I get a Steam key?

Steam keys will be provided for all customers.

Will updates be free?

Yes, all updates for the app will be free.

How do I get an updated build of the version?

You can use the download link you got when you purchased the app to download a new version.

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